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November and December are busy months filled with holiday plans and celebrations. 

A little pre-holiday planning where your pets are concerned will really pay off.  Why? 

Because this is the season that your VETERINARIAN typically sees…


  • Certain holiday plants can be toxic,usually just causing vomiting or diarrhea.

The common ones include mistletoe, poinsettia and pine needles.  The needles being mainly an irritant. 

Try to place these plants out of reach until you have determined if your pet wants to nibble.

  • Tinsels, ribbons, sparkling ornaments,garlands and extra electric cords are all temptations for playtime. 

Cats and kittens are especially intrigued.  String and ribbons can easily get knotted up in their intestines, necessitating surgery.

  • You may be tempted to include your pets in the sharing of goodies, but bear in mind those rich foods, 

holiday meat bones and sweets can really upset your pet’s digestive tract. 

A better alternative is to use treats designed for animals, and not too many.  

  • Your pets can suffer from weight gain by the end of the holidays too. 

Pay particular attention to avoiding chocolates for your pet. Large amounts of chocolate can be toxic.

  • Holiday candles and blazing hearths, when not supervised can catch a wagging tail or curious whiskers on fire.
  • Your pets generally prefer the status quo. Increased absences and frequent large gatherings can be stressful,

causing illness. Try not to disrupt your pet’s routine overly much. 

Pay additional attention when you get home from a long day of shopping or travel.  It will also help YOUR stress level!

  • If you are leaving for the holidays, make your boarding or pet travel arrangements in advance

and make certain your pets are up to date on their vaccinations. 

Bring along any special diets or medications your pets may need.

  • Be very careful if you are thinking of giving a pet as a holiday gift. 

The recipient needs to be involved in this decision for everyone to be happy with the new arrival. 

Often a better option is to give information, books or gift certificates and let the recipient choose the perfect time and perfect pet.