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Dental Health - Why It Is Important For Pets

Why Dental Health is Important

Why is dental health an important part of preventive care for your pet? 

Dental disease can cause serious health problems for pets.  The health of your pet’s mouth affects his heart, kidneys, and liver, not to mention his overall feeling of well-being. Bacteria from dental tartar can cause infection which can then spread to the bloodstream, damaging internal organs. Bacterial infections are painful and can also erode the bone in the jaw leading to tooth loss. 

Dental care should be considered a part of your pet’s routine preventive health care.    Regular dental examinations, and dental cleaning is as important for your pets health as it is for you. 

With  regular dental examinations, we are then able to help treat dental issues as they arise, before they become big problems.  These problems can affect your pet’s health and cause them significant pain. 

There are a number of steps you can take to help promote your pet’s dental health:

•Regular brushing at home with a home-care kit can also make a big difference.

•Feeding hard foods or a tartar control dental diet can help somewhat in preventing tartar buildup as can specially designed chew-toy treats.