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New Year's Resolutions for Pets

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

Eatinga healthy, well-balanced diet is great for you and is also good for your pet(that is, diets that are well-balanced for their species!) .   Premium quality pet foods can not only helpkeep your pets healthy but can also prolong their lives.  Make sure to check in with your veterinarianabout what you are feeding your pet and ask if they have anyrecommendations. 

Ahealthy, appropriate diet is even more important for birds , pocket pets andother exotics.  Often when these pets arebrought in to see our doctors due to illness, the initial cause of the illnessis diet-related.

For both pets and people, regular physicalexaminations are a very important step in staying healthy and are a cornerstoneof preventative care.  Give your ownphysician and your pet’s veterinarian the opportunity to keep the two of youthe healthiest possible; Don’t put off that regular physical examination. 

Pets age much more rapidly than people.  So, a once yearly visit to the doctor forpets is really more like once every three years.  This is why we recommend annual physicalexaminations at the minimum.   Here’ssome  species-specific information aboutthe importance of physical exams :

Cats:  Cats tend to hide signs of illness.  So , by the time a problem is noticeable itcan be pretty serious. 

Birds andExotics:   Keep in mind that formost birds and exotics, we have removed them from their natural environment andare trying to re-create one for them in ours.   Therefore, they can be pretty fragile and quickly decline if they aresick.  Also, medication appropriate foruse in birds and exotics can be expensive and it can take quite a while forthem to recover from illness.  That iswhy it is important that they have a regular check up – so that yourveterinarian can stay on top of health issues and address them with thegreatest opportunity for success. 

If regular exercise is a health benefit,  why don’t we do more of it?  One of the reasons is that we make big plansthat are hard to maintain  and sometimesnot very fun.  It is much more fun toexercise with pets, so come up with activities that you can do together, startslow – and build from there.   Your petwill benefit from the exercise and extra attention as much as you will!