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Are Fleas Bugging You, Your Family and Your Pet?   

Flea control 4 Key Steps



Did you know that your pet may have fleas even if you don’t see them? 

Did you know that if you see one flea on your pet it means that your environment has an active flea population?  

Getting a handle on this requires more than just eliminating fleas from your pets.  

Fleas need to be eliminated or controlled during all stages of their life cycle and from all areas of their environment.

Traveling Pets:  Trifexis oral preventive,which also covers heartworm protection

Homebodies:  Comfortis oral preventive

Topical Treatment for Dogs: Advantage Frontline

     Cats:  Revolution

Home:  Treat your home with VetKem Indoor or comparable product to eliminate fleas from your house.  Vet Kem Area Spray is ideal for the areas that are hard to reach  for example,under furniture and cushions

Ongoing Home:  Flea Busters or other borax product for carpets

Yard:  Even if your pet is flea-free, traveling pets and other animals can drop fleas and flea eggs into your yard.  Use Vet Kem Yard and Kennel Spray to kill flea larvae which thrive in lawns and ground cover. 

Seasonal or Year Round:  Where you live, your environment and your pet’s lifestyle will determine whether you need seasonal or year-round prevention.