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New Kitten!

Point Vicente Animal Hospital loves Kittens!


Congratulations on becoming the proud possession of a new kitten!  The following is our recommendation for the health and medical care of your kitten for his or her first six months.


The first visit to the veterinarian should include all of the following and the appropriate other treatments depending on your kitten's age:

?      Initial Physical Exam: Verify gender, detect birth defects, discuss care, behavior, diet, check for internal parasites ("worms") and external parasites (ear mites, mange, ringworm, fleas, ticks, lice)

?      Feline Viral Testing FeLV/FIV

?      Fecal Microscopic Exam for Parasites and specific deworming if indicated


Depending on the kitten's age, then these other treatments are recommended:


6-8 weeks:     

?      FVRCP #1

?      General deworming

?      Start flea control


9-12 weeks:    

?      FVRCP #2

?      FeLV/FIV Testing if not already done

?      Fecal testing if not already done

?      FeLV Vaccine #1

?      Second deworming


13-16 weeks:

?      FVRCP #3, then annually or as determined by veterinarian 

?      FeLV #2, then annually or as determined by veterinarian

?      Schedule neuter or spay!


4-6 months:    

?      Spay or neuter

?      Rabies vaccine, then annually


Flea control:             Advantage or Frontline monthly


Factors such as age and environment can change your cat's vaccination requirements.  Most people aren't 100% sure their cat will always stay indoors, so we recommend protecting the kitten from contagious diseases for the first 2-3 years.  One of the most important things you can do for your pet is to provide identification.  A collar and tag works well but there are other methods, too.  Ask us about permanent microchip identification.