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Flea Life Cycle - Steps for Prevention 


Flea Life Cycle

To get rid of adult fleas on your pet:

•      Administer a flea adulticide – checkwith your pet’s veterinarian for their recommendation as there are many goodproducts to choose from that can be administered topically or orally

•      Depending on where you live, adulticideneeds to be administered seasonally or year round

Eliminate flea eggs from the environment:

·      The  majority of the eggs that fleas lay fall offyour pet and into their environment; carpeting, bedding, furniture, and backyard

Eliminate flea larvae from the environment:

•      Flea larvae live in the following areas;carpeting,  grass lawns, and ground cover

Developing  fleas are VERY well protected once in the pupal stage. Prohibit the pupal stage by:

•      Administering adulticide

•      Eliminating flea eggs and larvae fromthe environment